Voting papers are being sent out now!

By ensuring you, your friends, family and allies are ready to vote, we can pressure politicians to take the bold steps and make the big decisions we need.  Voting papers should be arriving any day.  Keep a look out for the purple envelope.  

Here's how we can activate our community to vote:
  1. Bring the team together - Think of a couple of people you know from your family, whānau, neighbours and friends.
  2. Talk it out - Have a chat with them about #voteclimate and why it's important that everyone puts Climate Change first in this election
  3. Get ready for action - have a look at the #voteclimate candidates page and decide who you will vote for 
  4. Get your vote back in! 
    • Your vote needs to be in the post by 4th October.  Any later and it might not be received by your council's electoral office in time. 

If you have not received a purple envelope then you will need to cast a special vote.  How to do this differs from council to council and the details for your council can be found here.  You can still vote.  It is important that everyone who can makes their vote count.