1. Enrol to vote

Remember to enrol before 12th August to make voting easier.

Everyone can reduce their carbon emissions if our politicians invest in public transport, cycling and walking.

By ensuring our friends, family and allies are enrolled and ready to vote, we can pressure politicians to take the bold steps and make the big decisions we want.  This is so much easier if they enrol before 12th August.

Here's how we can activate our community to vote:

  1. Write the names of some people you know into our voter dashboard below
  2. Have a chat with them about to make sure each of them is enrolled to vote
  3. Once you have checked that your person is enrolled, click the first star on their icon and great work!

Easy as that!  We'll be in touch closer to when ballots come out about the next step.

Here's some resources to help you get your people enrolled: