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New Zealand’s local body elections are coming up this October 2022. Regional and local councils are holding elections for new mayors and councillors. This is a real opportunity for us to get people elected that will take action on the climate.

The biggest action that councils can take is in how they organise and invest in public transport services, and infrastructure for cycling and walking. Done right, this will greatly reduce our towns’ and cities’ emissions.

Our coalition will challenge candidates in the October local body elections to commit to take the action needed and make the investment. 

We're asking local government candidates to sign up to the following:


Democracy Engagement

More public transport, more often

More frequent services in cities and towns, and between centers and across regions

Safety and Liberation

More affordable public transport

Increased trialling of reduced fare or free services to encourage and broaden uptake

Health and Wholeness

Safer and easier walking & cycling

Investment in infrastructure to make cycling and walking safer and easier

Education Justice

More inter-city and regional public transport

Investing in train and bus services that make travel between cities, towns and regions easier


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